Auto Dent Removal Service

Auto Dent Removal Service

Looking for an auto dent removal service in the Greater Boston Area? Contact our Boston auto dent removal service today for a free estimate or call us directly to schedule an appointment.

Acorn Dent Removal

Acorn Damage

Acorn damage to a vehicle can be really frustrating. A single dent is noticeable enough but with acorns, you can be left with hundreds or even thousands of dents and dings. This type of damage can really take away from the value of your car if left unrepaired.

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, there are numerous nut-bearing trees such as oak, hickory, chestnut, and hazelnuts. Avoid parking under trees in general if possible to avoid this type of damage to your finish.

Auto Hail Damage Repair

RPM Dent Repair specializes in auto hail damage repair. We repair the exterior of your vehicle with non-invasive techniques while maintaining the factory finish. In fact, with PDR your vehicle’s paint warranty remains valid.

Residents of Massachusetts and Rhode Island know that spring and summer storms bring damaging hail. Even small hailstones can cause extensive damage to your vehicle.

Hail Repair Boston MA
Paintless Dent Removal Boston

Door Dings and Dents

Door dings and dents are problems that almost every car owner has had. You park your vehicle in a parking lot, and when you come back, you’re greeted with a brand-new dent or ding in your door. It is an extremely common occurrence no matter where you park in public.

Even minor door dents can ruin the look and value of your vehicle. As such, it’s important to get them repaired by professional technicians, like RPM Dent Repair. We provide PDR services that leave your car looking good as new.

Motorcycle Dent Repair

Massachusetts and Rhode Island motorcycle owners love nothing better than enjoying a sunny day with a ride. Motorcycle owners are passionate about their bikes. When it comes to dent removal on motorcycle tanks and fenders, so is RPM Dent Repair.

RPM Dent Repair understands the value you place on quality motorcycle dent repair to get your bike back looking its best. We have the training, tools, and experience to remove dents from your motorcycle tank and fender while maintaining the existing paint and finish.

Motorcycle Dent Repair Services
Auto Dent Removal Service

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal is the method used to remove minor dents, like those caused by hail or door dings. This method works best when the damaged area is free of paint chips or cracks.

Our shop uses special PDR tools and training to remove dents from the exterior of your vehicle without the use of any body fillers, paintwork, or Bondo. Most importantly, no CarFax.

Auto Dent Removal Service Boston, Massachusetts

Don't settle for an inferior auto dent removal service Boston, Massachusetts! RPM Dent Repair is a licensed and registered auto dent removal service company located in Raynham, MA. Our shop is just minutes away from the Greater Boston Area, Quincy, and Providence, Rhode Island.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the auto dent removal service industry, RPM Dent Repair has you covered. For more information about our dent removal company or our PDR services, call us directly at 508-641-6892 or send us a message.

Please visit the photo gallery to view completed projects of our auto dent removal service. This includes photographs of auto hail damage repair, door dings and dents, motorcycle dent repair, acorn damage repair, and paintless dent removal. Our customer reviews are also available to review on our testimonials page. 

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Paintless Dent Repair Company

RPM Dent Repair is a (PDR) paintless dent repair company in Raynham, Massachusetts that specializes in auto dent removal services. Our services include paintless dent removal, (MPDR) motorcycle gas tank dent repair, acorn damage, and auto hail damage repair.

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